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 Daphne Moon May 14, 2024 1 2 min read

In a surprising turn of events, an 18-year-old shooter was released on bail earlier this month despite vehement opposition from prosecutors. Chief Magistrate Judge Lloyd U. Nolan, Jr. of the D.C. Superior Court has come under fire for releasing Amonte Moody, the accused, and placing him under house arrest. This decision has been met with outrage from the public, and investigations into Nolan’s background have revealed that the magistrate is an avid progressive activist on social media.

According to Fox News and WUSA-TV, Nolan has frequently shared posts on his social media accounts promoting the Black Lives Matter movement. A review of his online presence revealed that the judge proudly identifies as “woke,” a term often used to describe someone who is socially aware and actively supports social justice causes. Furthermore, Nolan has publicly announced his financial contributions to Gideon’s Promise, a non-profit organization founded by George Soros-linked professor Jonathan Rapping. This organization provides training to public defenders, with a focus on providing quality legal representation to those who cannot afford private attorneys.

The incident in question occurred at 2:19 a.m. on April 22 near the intersection of 17th Street and Independence Avenue, SE. Security camera footage captured the accused, a black male, firing an AR-15 at a car with four people inside. Despite the fact that there seemed to be no provocation or self-defense involved, Nolan released Moody on May 3 and allowed him to remain under house arrest in Maryland with a GPS monitor. This decision has caused outrage within the legal community and the public, prompting prosecutors to file an emergency order in an attempt to overturn the magistrate’s judgment.
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It's has ceased to amaze me that an obvious conflict of interest is permitted within the judiciary.

Lady Justice is no longer blind, she's woke.  **nononono*
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(and dat goez for the leftie judge, too...)

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Teen accused of firing 26 shots from AR-15 at car is released on bail by ‘woke’ judge
By Emily Crane
Published May 14, 2024, 9:25 a.m. ET
New York Post
A “woke” Washington, DC, judge is facing backlash after he opted to cut loose an 18-year-old accused of firing more than two dozen rounds from an AR-15 into a car full of people.

Lloyd U. Nolan Jr., a judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, last week ordered Amonte Moody to be released on house arrest ahead of his trial — despite acknowledging that the teen’s alleged actions could have killed someone.

Moody, who was slapped with charges including assault with a dangerous weapon, had allegedly sprayed 26 shots at an SUV carrying four people on Independence Avenue in the early hours of April 22.  ...

The Facebook posts the judge had previously shared included a meme in 2019 declaring he was “still woke,” as well as another promoting Black Lives Matter, according to Fox News.  ...
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He is such a bad shot there is no danger?

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Whew, for once it wasn't Massachusetts.


I guess bad shots get leniency in DC ... there was insufficient proof that the bullets had intent to cause harm.
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