Author Topic: NYC Illegal Alien Fight Club Captured On Camera Near Queens Shelter [VIDEO]  (Read 291 times)

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NYC Illegal Alien Fight Club Captured On Camera Near Queens Shelter [VIDEO]
The violent spectacle reached its peak as one of the fighters slammed his opponent to the pavement...
FEBRUARY 24, 2024

A shocking and violent incident has emerged near a Queens shelter in New York City, where migrants have reportedly organized a “fight club” and engaged in brutal brawls while onlookers encouraged and bet on the fights. The incident was captured in a wild video that has brought attention to the dire situation.

According to the video footage and accounts from witnesses, for at least a month, migrants residing in a La Quinta Inn shelter on Queens Boulevard in Long Island City have transformed a McDonald’s parking lot across the street into a scene resembling the infamous underground fight club from the movie “Fight Club.” In broad daylight, migrants don boxing gloves and unleash punches on each other in brutal bouts while onlookers cheer them on and place bets.
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Somebody talked about fight club.
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