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Foreign Billionaire-Backed Climate Org Pressuring Broadcasters To Censor Ads Critical Of Biden’s EV Mandate
February 17, 2024

A green nonprofit that is indirectly funded by a foreign billionaire is pressuring broadcasters to drop advertisements that criticize the Biden administration’s massive electric vehicle (EV) agenda.

Climate Power wrote to numerous broadcasters this week demanding that they stop airing American Fuel and Petrochemicals Manufacturers (AFPM)-funded advertisements in swing state markets that rail against President Joe Biden’s plans to impose widespread EV adoption in the coming years. The charitable organization affiliated with Hansjorg Wyss, a Swiss health care mogul and billionaire philanthropist, donates millions of dollars to the Fund for a Better Future, which was the fiscal sponsor for Climate Power until 2023, a spokesperson for Climate Power previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

AFPM launched its seven-figure ad campaign designed to highlight and criticize the administration’s EV policies on Tuesday. The ads, which describe Biden’s policies as an EV mandate, are airing in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Montana and Washington, D.C.
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So what's in it for this "nonprofit" pushing EVs?

They are unsuitable for many locales, climates, and applications.

Moving the goalposts for ICE powered vehicle emissions yet again (they may be required to set standards, but they are not required to change them) can effectively make new vehicles unaffordable and less reliable.

It is no secret that this Administration has embraced the idea of EVs as some sort of climate panacea, as if anything humans do is going to make one whit of difference in climate, and the idea that forcing the Administration to deny that it is doing what it intends to do may be a sound gambit for exposing them for the liars they are.  The 'nonprofit' is just a workaround to the Administration issuing any official denial while proclaiming that there is nothing to see, and doing what it damned well pleases.

The war on oil, the war on coal, even the new war on Natural Gas, are all real, being conducted to the detriment of America and Americans, with our tax money (through grants and official decrees) and funds from private 'investors' who really don't give a damn about our individual well-being.
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