Author Topic: VIDEO: TDS Glenn Kirschner: March 4 J6 Trump Trial Date Or I Go CRAAAAAAZY!!!  (Read 360 times)

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Oh Dearest Goddess Gaia! You're just too good to me!

In this time of the approaching Trumpacalypse you have given me hope in the form of ONE SENTENCE. Yes, ONE SENTENCE at the bottom of Page 48 of a 68 page Federal Appeals Court ruling that tells us that the trial of Trump will be completed BEFORE the 2024 election.

That sentence is so sacred to me that I will print it out, laminate it, and place it next to me on my pillow for comfort while trying to sleep. Yes, I will rub that ONE sentence, kiss it, and worship it as my sacred talisman which shall see me through these dark times of the MAGA Peril.

That ONE SENTENCE shall comfort me by guaranteeing NO DELAY in the trial of the Evil Trump scheduled for March 4. The ONE SENTENCE holy prophecy MUST be fulfilled! HALLELUJAH!
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