Author Topic: VIDEO: TDS Never Trumper Lawfare Proponent Eerily Resembles Sam Kinison  (Read 371 times)

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While watching the November 28, 2023 Morning Joe show interview with TDS Never Trumper J. Michael Luttig hyping the use of lawfare against President Donald Trump, I was struck by the resemblance both facially and vocally of Luttig to the late great comedian Sam Kinison. In this video I present the two of them for your own comparison. Am I just crazy or do you also see the resemblance between the two? (Maybe don't answer that question.) Of course, I am not comparing them politically since Kinison mostly avoided politics plus even he would NOT go to such an extreme of weaponizing the legal system via lawfare instead of the depending on the ballot box to defeat political opponents.

One interesting thing is that despite the fact that Luttig has been one of the biggest proponents of using the 14th Amendment against Trump to keep him off the ballot, the idea was so nutty that it seems that even he has dropped hyping that idiotic tactic. In neither his recent New York Times opinion piece nor in the Morning Joe interview was the 14th Amendment even mentioned.

And if you want to see Luttig going full Kinison screaming meltdown, you might have to wait until November 6, 2024 for that performance.
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Re: VIDEO: TDS Never Trumper Lawfare Proponent Eerily Resembles Sam Kinison
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More proof that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
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