Author Topic: VIDEO: BERSERK Chunk Yogurt Blurts Out that Garland Prosecution of Trump Entirely POLITICAL  (Read 380 times)

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"So we'll wait to see if he's going to run."

They say "in vino veritas." However, that can now be updated to "in whino veritas" because Chunk Yogurt aka Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks went into a screaming whining rampage at the thought that President Donald Trump would be returning to the Oval Office in a little over a year. In the midst of his LOUD whines Chunk blurted out an important truth, that Merrick Garland is prosecuting Trump because he decided to run for re-election in 2024. In his recent 60 Minutes interview, Merrick Garland PRETENDED (not very convincingly) that his Justice Department plays it completely fair without any regard to political considerations. However, as a bonus, in this video we see Garland answer his interview questions as if he had been honest as the raging Chunk Yogurt who ADMITTED that Garland WAITED to see if Trump was going to run in 2024 before prosecuting him meaning that the decision was ENTIRELY political. Thank you for blurting out an important truth, Chunk.
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