Author Topic: I discovered a trash dump on Mt. Everest — and picked up 440 pounds of it  (Read 340 times)

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I discovered a trash dump on Mt. Everest — and picked up 440 pounds of it

By Jane Herz
May 30, 2023

It’s not about the destination, it’s the climb — to the dumpster, that is.

Last week, a mountaineer named Mingma Tenzi Sherpa scaled Mount Everest for the ninth time — but instead of appreciating the beautiful view, he found himself filled with revulsion for what he saw around him.

As he climbed to the summit of the mountain, Tenzi observed a disturbing amount of litter, including sanitary pads, hiking gear and steel bowls and spoons.

Tenzi took to Instagram to share a video of the mess, which showed a closer view of tents, sheets and ropes left behind.

“We can see the lots of tents, empty oxygen bottles, steel bowls, spoons, sanitation pad, paper [sic] a lot a thing which is used by humans,” he wrote in the caption.

“Either this work done by us who are there to climb the Everest. I feel so sad every time cause I have seen many times doing expedition groups and companies cut there companies logos and leave there all the tents for the rest.”

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There have been cleanup efforts going on for a number of years. Including two tons of human excrement.
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