Author Topic: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Breaks Silence After Roe Decision Leak  (Read 149 times)

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Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Breaks Silence After Roe Decision Leak
 Carmine Sabia May 13, 2022

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has broken his silence since the draft leak of the court’s decision to end Roe V Wade was published.

He was speaking to an audience at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University on Thursday and he was reluctant to talk about the leaked opinion, The Washington Post reported.

He spoke to the crowd via closed circuit, even though the university is around seven miles away, as threats have been made against some of the Justices.

A questioner asked him if he and the other Justices were in a place where they could go out together.

“I think it would just be really helpful for all of us to hear, personally, are you all doing okay in these very challenging times?” the person said.

“This is a subject I told myself I wasn’t going to talk about today regarding, you know — given all the circumstances,” the Justice said.

“The court right now, we had our conference this morning, we’re doing our work. We’re taking new cases, we’re headed toward the end of the term, which is always a frenetic time as we get our opinions out,” he said.

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