Author Topic: Planned Parenthood opens Illinois 'mega-clinic' secretly built to counter tough Missouri anti-aborti  (Read 1015 times)

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Planned Parenthood opens Illinois 'mega-clinic' secretly built to counter tough Missouri anti-abortion law
By Owen Daugherty - 10/02/19 08:37 AM EDT

Planned Parenthood announced the opening of a new 18,000 square-foot clinic in Southern Illinois on Wednesday after more than a year of secretly building the facility.

The new mega clinic in Illinois is just 13 miles from Missouri's last remaining abortion clinic, located in St. Louis.

CBS News reports that Planned Parenthood used a shell company to build the massive facility, leaving no sign as to who was behind the operation.

Colleen McNicholas, chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, told the news outlet that the facility was built secretively to avoid protestors and possible delays in construction.

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Every news story went to great lengths to avoid giving readers the Illinios location of this new murder center.

Looks like it is in Granite City.   Welp, better location than East St Louis I guess.
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Planned Parenthood Built Secret Abortion ‘Mega-Facility’ in Illinois Using ‘Shell Company’
Posted by Mary Chastain      Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 11:00am

“Planned Parenthood has used a shell company to construct the facility, leaving no public trace that the former medical office would become one of the largest abortion clinics in the country.”

Missouri has one clinic left that provides abortions, which has left the abortion fanatics up in arms.

No need to fear! Planned Parenthood is here! The infanticide giant announced the opening of a “mega-facility” just 13 miles away from Missouri’s last abortion clinic in St. Louis.

Nothing creepy about this story at all! You know, besides the murder of unborn human beings (emphasis mine):

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The difference between the KKK and planned Parenthood is PP ges government funding to kill minorities.
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PP has killed far more black children than the KKK ever dreamt possible.

The new mega clinic in Illinois is just 13 miles from Missouri's last remaining abortion clinic, located in St. Louis.

A curious choice from a simple marketing perspective, being so close to an existing Missouri abortuary. Does this suggest something about the other states that border Missouri, such as that they actually have and enforce health and safety laws wrt abortuaries? Where some parts of Illinois do not?
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