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Ban EVs: 15 Compelling Reasons Why Electric Cars Should Be Banned For Good
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As the debate around electric vehicles (EVs) heats up, it’s crucial to delve beyond the surface of their green image. Amidst the global push towards sustainability, questions arise about the true cost of transitioning to electric transportation.
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At the bottom of this NBC Skews article, :

Many showed up to Thursday night's monthly school board meeting unsatisfied with their handling of the situation and demanding answers about what happened before the attack.

"My questions are, ‘my daughter went to counselors at 9:00 in the morning, twice, and told them this attack was coming today at lunch. It was known," one father said.

Some, like parent Alyssa Santiago who says her child was threatened by the same student earlier this week, says Wednesday's attack could have been prevented.

"I called the school on two separate occasions. Tuesday and Wednesday to inform them of this child who was going to ‘curb stomp’ my daughter or make my daughter bite the curb. And I was assured that my daughter was safe," Santiago said.

PSs do not take dangerous and violent students seriously until they put someone(s) in the hospital and/or grave. Idiotic social politics and the lure of ADA money let dangerous situations persist.
Exclusive — Jim Banks on Mike Johnson: I’ve ‘Never Seen a Bigger Flip-Flop in Politics’

Hannah Knudsen20 Apr 202495

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) said he has “never seen a bigger flip-flop in politics” than he has with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), making the remark during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

Banks, who is running for Senate, discussed the ongoing shock and drama surrounding Johnson, who replaced former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) after his ousting.

“I’ve never seen a bigger flip-flop in politics than what Mike Johnson has done after he repeatedly said, ‘No more money for Ukraine until we secure our own border,’ and today, he’s doing just the opposite and here, in a couple of hours, may go down to the floor and cast yet another vote against billions of dollars more for a foreign country, Ukraine, while our House Republican leadership has completely abandoned our border,” Banks said.

Banks said he does not have a good explanation for what happened to Johnson, noting that the speaker also chaired the Republican Study Committee, “the largest conservative caucus, and he put out balanced budgets, talked about fiscal responsibility, and yet, he oversaw the biggest spending bill in congressional history with earmarks for late-term abortions and transgender surgeries a few weeks ago.”

“I don’t know what got into him. I don’t know who got to him. I don’t know what got into him,” Banks said, explaining that the “excuse of going into SCIFs [sensitive compartmented information facilities] and hearing classified briefings doesn’t hold up because I serve on the Armed Services Committee, and I’ve heard all of the same briefings.”

“I’m disappointed about it. I don’t have a good explanation. I don’t know why he’s doing this, but … it’s a big flip flop [and] a big disappointment for Republicans,” he added, discussing how Johnson essentially handed the speaker’s gavel to Democrats with this new arrangement.

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Betrayal Complete: Mike Johnson Passes $61 Billion Ukraine Aid, Violates Hastert Rule Again

Bradley Jaye 20 Apr 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) delivered President Joe Biden a $61 billion gift on Saturday afternoon, reversing his months-long pledge to never advance foreign aid without first securing America’s border.

Multiple Democrats — and possibly a few Republicans — cheered; shouted, “Ukraine;” and waived Ukrainian flags as the Ukraine aid vote closed.

“It is in violation of decorum to waive flags on the floor,” Johnson scored Democrats.

The Ukraine portion of the foreign aid passed 311 to 112. One representative, Republican Dan Mauser (R-PA), voted present.

Johnson, once again, violated the Hastert Rule. Only 101 Republicans voted with Johnson, while 112 — a clear majority — opposed.

Republican House members circulated a document outlining a timeline of Johnson’s repeated insistence that the House would not advance a foreign aid package before securing America’s southern border.

Johnson had begun publicly wavering in early March after a February 28 meeting at the White House.

His reversal follows months of grooming by both the White House and establishment Republicans.

“We’ve been working with him for months to try to get him there,” one anonymous lawmaker told Politico, which said Johnson’s Ukraine bill would “grant Biden a major foreign policy victory that has eluded him for a year.”

The White House and intelligence state reeducation of Mike Johnson began before his seat warmed. According to Politico, “the administration held several closed-door briefings for Johnson and other lawmakers to update them on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, starting just days after Johnson became speaker.”

Officials involved in those briefings included CIA Director William Burns and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

The Ukraine bill will be bundled into a larger foreign aid package that does not include border security.

Johnson held a vote on a border security bill earlier in the day, but Johnson moved that bill under suspension of the rules, which meant it required two-thirds support to pass.

It received 215 votes to 199 in opposition and, therefore, failed.

The Senate is expected to act on the bill soon after receiving it.
These clowns are living in the wrong country. Congress members wave Ukraine flags in the United States House after they approve another $61 *billion* in military aid for Ukraine.
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