Author Topic: Alito To NYC Attorney: Does The 2nd Amendment Only Exist At Home?  (Read 385 times)

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Bearing Arms by Cam Edwards 12/2/2019

Alito To NYC Attorney: Does The 2nd Amendment Only Exist At Home?

I didn’t include this in my piece on the they key takeaways from the oral arguments in the New York City gun case because it really isn’t, but it is a fun little sidebar to the big question of whether or not the Court will decide that the case is moot.

During questioning of Richard Dearing, the attorney representing New York City before the Court, Justice Samuel Alito attempted to elicit a straight answer from the lawyer about whether or not the City believes the Second Amendment exists outside of the home. The justice started by questioning Dearing about the law in question, which was revised by the city after the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case in a transparent attempt to avoid judicial scrutiny.

    JUSTICE ALITO: Mr. Dearing, are the — are people in New York less safe now as a result of the enactment of the new city and state laws than they were before?

    MR. DEARING: We — we — no, I don’t think so. We made a judgment expressed by our police commissioner that — that it was consistent with public safety to repeal the prior rule and to move forward without it.

    JUSTICE ALITO: Well, if they’re not less safe, then what possible justification could there have been for the old rule, which you have abandoned?


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Re: Alito To NYC Attorney: Does The 2nd Amendment Only Exist At Home?
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