Author Topic: US-Bound African Migrants Dead, Missing After Boat Capsizes in Caribbean  (Read 273 times)

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US-Bound African Migrants Dead, Missing After Boat Capsizes in Caribbean
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Mar 30, 2023
US-Bound African Migrants Dead, Missing After Boat Capsizes in Caribbean
Three people died and many more remain missing after a boat carrying African migrants capsized en route to the U.S. Virgin Islands this week, according to reports.

The horrifying incident unfolded on Tuesday morning in the eastern Caribbean Sea near the island of St. Kitts.

A stolen vessel with 32 passengers onboard set out from Antigua bound for St. Thomas when tragedy struck.

The boat “was found capsized 12 nautical miles south of St Kitts, near the east coast village of Conaree, around 40 nautical miles from Antigua,” the Antigua Observer reports.
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Generally speaking,under normal weather conditions,boats only capsize if they are overloaded.
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US bound, because we just can't get enough entering overland from the south. I guess the take away is don't steal a boat to small for smuggling your party and and you won't drown at sea. Sorry if I just can't gin up enough sympathy for these folks, I just too overloaded with pleas for kids with cancer from St. Jude, the Shriners, St. Joseph, City of Hope, or Dogs and cats- domestic, lions, tigers and elephants, Jewish survivors of the Holocaust...all of them asking for just 19.99 a month each, and then there are the starving children, homeless children, homeless adults, homeless families...again for just 19.99 a month each. man I long for the days of just Easter Seals and the March of Dimes and Salvation Army, the days when you could plan your non church charity by the seasons and they didn't guilt you into depression...OK sometimes Jerry did during his Muscular Dystrophy drives.

There is a specific reason I almost always shun commercial TV, I am tired of being guilted into giving. Also I have trouble working up sympathy for people doing their damndest to break our laws and enter illegally and then be forced to reward them for doing it.