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Florida Senate Bill Would Criminalize ‘Knowingly and Willfully’ Transporting Undocumented Immigrants Into or Within Florida
Natalie McEwan
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

A bill working its way through the Florida Legislature would criminalize the “knowing[] and willful[]” transportation of undocumented immigrants “into or within” the state. If enacted, Senate Bill (SB) 1718 could impact Florida’s hospitality and agricultural sectors.

SB 1718 would amend Title XLVI of the Florida Statutes, Section 787.07, to provide criminal penalties for “persons who knowingly and willfully violate, or who reasonably should know and who violate, certain provisions relating to the transporting into or within [Florida]” of illegal immigrants. The proposed amendment would also criminalize the “concealing, harboring, or shielding from detection, or the attempt thereof,” of undocumented immigrants. These actions would be considered a third-degree felony under the proposed amendment.
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Excellent Smithers. It's been a good month for state legislation.
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