Author Topic: America in Blackface: The Real ‘Identity Hoaxers’  (Read 90 times)

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America in Blackface: The Real ‘Identity Hoaxers’

We’re missing the vast majority of Munchausen-by-internet white saviors.

March 29, 2021|

12:01 am
Alexander Zubatov

In our increasingly common racialized version of Munchausen Syndrome, white people assume the identities of what are commonly called “marginalized” groups in order to benefit from the numerous social advantages that accrue to those who take on and play up the mantle of victimization.

Helen Lewis describes the notorious cases of Rachel Dolezal, Jessica Krug, and Satchel Cole, in a March 2021 article in the Atlantic entitled “The Identity Hoaxers,” which she likens to earlier historical cases of those who impersonated Holocaust survivors. But by limiting herself to a discussion of full-on transracial oddballs, Lewis misses the opportunity to consider and explain what is, in reality, a far more widespread—and, therefore, far more disturbing—contemporary pathology: masses of individuals feeling psychologically compelled to identify with those they are taught to view as oppressed to such an extent that they stereotype and demonize the economically struggling and politically reviled majority of Americans.

Lewis’s diagnosis of the race-shifting misfits that are her focus is that they have “[t]he need to be associated with the victims rather than the perpetrators” and that this inclination seems intriguingly common in university humanities departments and leftist activist spaces, where many subscribe to the worldview outlined by Robin DiAngelo in her best-selling book White Fragility: “White people do need to feel grief about the brutality of white supremacy and our role in it.” Perhaps the subconscious reasoning runs like this: White people are oppressors, but I’m a good person, not an oppressor, so I can’t be white.

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Re: America in Blackface: The Real ‘Identity Hoaxers’
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2021, 09:38:11 PM »
Talking about stereotyping and generalization are they?

No.  "White people do need to feel grief about the brutality of white supremacy and our role in it".


I don't feel nada.

I don't need nada.

MOST white people look at the bullcrap these people peddle and are disgusted at the lies and infuriated that they are the targets of these lies.

We know why they are lying.  They are lying to grab political power.

When the nation heard about the Tawana Brawley "abduction", the white majority was horrified.  Then even more so when the slut turned out to be lying.   And then we had to suffer the existence of Al Sharpton forever, as if he was an honorable person and not a lying racist tub of rancid lard.

And every incident, mostly faked up and exaggerated, was used to promote ever increasing levels of racism against innocent white people, by Sharpton and Jackson and Hillary and every other so-called leader of the Rodent party you can name.

The only thing more disgusting was the ease with which the RINO Republicans acquiesced and rushed to apologize for the sin of being white.

Now we have a recent case where two black car-jacking teens murder a Pakistani immigrant.   CNN called what happened a "car accident".   Just like when they called Zimmerman a "white hispanic" to shift blame for Thug Martin's shooting onto, not the hispanic community which bore no blame, but the white community which wasn't even there when Zimmerman was attacked.

As Trump said, the media lies.  All the time.   It was never an honorable profession, but there's absolutely no honor in it now.
The GOP is not the party leadership.  The GOP is the party MEMBERSHIP.   The members need to kick the leaders out if they leaders are going the wrong way.  No coddling allowed.