Author Topic: Report: Biden’s HHS Secretary Nominee Eyes Healthcare for Illegal Aliens  (Read 251 times)

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Report: Biden’s HHS Secretary Nominee Eyes Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

John Binder 22 Feb 2021

President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Attorney General of California Xavier Becerra, is eyeing plans to provide illegal aliens with taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits, according to a report.

Becerra, who will go before a Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, has long advocated providing roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens with American healthcare.

A report in Politico reveals that those closest to Becerra say he is potentially interested in pursuing executive policy initiatives as HHS Secretary, if confirmed, that would provide illegal aliens with healthcare.

Politico reports:

But interviews with 15 Becerra friends, colleagues, and allies, as well as health care experts, suggest that health care for undocumented immigrants is an issue close to the heart of the 63-year-old son of a Mexican immigrant mother who, despite a diplomatic demeanor, can be forceful in pushing issues that align with his value system.

A POLITICO review of his 24-year House career and four years as California attorney general found that Becerra has repeatedly advocated for undocumented immigrants to have more access to health care and other government benefits, whether through Medicaid or Obamacare.

“He’s one of those individuals that had exceedingly deep convictions about the need to cover the undocumented individuals in all of our communities,” said former Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas), who worked with Becerra during the Obamacare debate. In the case of the health care bill, Gonzalez said, “It did not make any sense not to, as long as they went ahead and paid for the coverage.”

In the Obama years, for example, Becerra was one of the chief elected House Democrats pushing the administration to open Obamacare healthcare exchanges to illegal aliens. As California Attorney General, Becerra has watched as the state opened healthcare benefits to illegal aliens.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is reportedly lobbying lawmakers to oppose Becerra’s nomination, citing his support for healthcare for illegal aliens.

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Force taxpayers to buy more health care for people who shouldn't even be here than they can afford for themselves.

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