Author Topic: Air Force Special Ops Must 'Ruthlessly' Cut Legacy Systems, 3-Star General Says  (Read 145 times)

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Air Force Special Ops Must 'Ruthlessly' Cut Legacy Systems, 3-Star General Says | By Richard Sisk

Air Force Special Operations will have to adapt to major changes in mission and organization while coping with tighter budgets in the new era of great power competition, Lt. Gen. James Slife said Monday.

"One thing that's clear to us is that the future doesn't look a lot like the present to us," Slife, head of Air Force Special Operations Command, said in a virtual discussion with the Center for Strategic and international Studies.

If predictions within the Defense Department for flat or declining budgets in future years come true, "the only conclusion one can come to is we have to stop doing some stuff," he said.
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Intelligent cutting and reorganization is continuously appropriate, but politicians driving the cutting has a deadly history.
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