Author Topic: Fiesty little old ladies roar is small town America: Obama's 'an enemy combatant...should be executed  (Read 753 times)

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“an Enemy Combatant....Should Be Executed"

Fiesty Little Old Ladies Roar in Small Town America: Obama’s “an Enemy Combatant....Should Be Executed"

Anger is building among patriotic Americans who are tired of being ignored and watching as lawmakers and the chief law enforcement officer of the United States ignore the law, aid and abet the enemies of the US and thumb their noses at the American people. Republican Representative Jim Bridenstine (OK) got a surprising earful from constituents in his district recently.

While those in attendance appeared to be mild and meek, most even much older than myself, they were passionate and fired up about what is taking place in this country and more specifically they had some choice words about the current occupant of the White House.

One elderly lady declare, "Obama, he's not president as far as I'm concerned,… he should be executed. He's an enemy combatant."

While some laughed at her, she continued on pointing out "the Muslims he's shipping into our country through pilots in commercial jets." Obviously, she has heard about Obama's desire to bring more Islamists into the United States. However, a stronger case for how Barack Obama is aiding the sworn enemies of the United States, demonstrating that he is guilty of treason and subject to execution if found guilty is made here.

You can tell the level of anger and frustration this woman has as she can't seem to find words to express her outrage. She finally exclaims, "This guy is a criminal! And no one is stopping him. "

"With Congress doing nothing that legally allows this moron to make decisions," she said. "He has no authority," the woman said, insinuating that he has no constitutional authority to be doing what he is engaged in.

Rep. Brindenstine, to his credit did acknowledge that Obama is a "lawless" president. "He picks and chooses which laws he is going to enforce or not going to enforce. He does it by decree. When he can't create a law through Congress, then he uses the bureaucracies and the Executive Branch to create rules and regulations via executive order. Ultimately, when he can't even get that done, he uses foreign bodies. He uses the United Nations to try and change the laws in the United States."

Brindenstine then gave an example. "Going back to April 2013, there was an effort to ban certain types of guns, not because they operated any differently than any other type of gun, but because they looked scary," he said. "So, we're going to ban those because they look scary. That's not what I said, that's what the President said."

"Ultimately," Brindenstine continued, "he couldn't get it done because the Senate blocked it, which was the right answer, and then he said 'We're going to limit magazine sizes.' The Senate blocked that because it was the right answer. Then he wanted universal background checks, which in reality is a national gun registration, and he couldn't get that."

When those things failed, Brindenstine points out that the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty was about to be unveiled. According to Brindenstine, the treaty creates "an international secretariat, where if you have any gun that has any part made in any foreign country, then you have to have not a national background check, but an international background check; and there's an international gun registry."

His point was to demonstrate that when Obama can't have his way through Congress or executive order, he doesn't mind going to international bodies in an attempt to force his will on the American people. By the way, if you were not aware, John Kerry signed that treasonous treaty.

I also appreciate the fact that Bridenstine emphatically declared, "The Second Amendment of the United States is not open for debate by foreign governments."

After making his statement, one woman said that she was convinced that the only way out of this is to "overwhelmingly change the Senate, so that we can then impeach the SOB." Her comments drew laughter and applause.

Rep. Brindenstine smiled, took a breath and look at the woman and said, "You know, you look so sweet."

I agree and it is the generations ahead of me that know what they are dealing with. They were the ones that fought against communists in foreign lands and they saw what fascists and national socialists did to their people. Furthermore, they recognize what the younger generation does not, and that is we have an enemy of the United States of America in the White House and he surrounds himself with advisors and members of Congress who are enemies of the United States.