Author Topic: VIDEO: McCain takes to Senate floor to scold Cruz for fighting ObamaCare  (Read 1788 times)

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It seems his real problem is he's upset that Cruz et al are razzing other Republicans for not fighting ObamaCare hard enough. I guess Cruz has offended his sense of honor but taking issue with the notion that ObamaCare can't be taken down, and McCain feels the need to relive every painstaking piece of legislative minutia to prove how hard Republicans fought against the bill back in 2009.

True enough, but Cruz isn't saying anything to the contrary. The problem is that, despite polls showing Americans hate the law and have hated it from day one, the GOP has never really had the idea or the inclination for how to take advantage of the fact that the public is on its side to change the status quo that Democrats forced down the nation's throat in the spring of 2010.

Most bizarre is McCain's reference to the 2012 election, by which he seems to imply that hey, the public spoke and said we should keep ObamaCare, and that's that. The real story of the 2012 election is the GOP's complete whiff on an issue that was teed up for them to hit out of the park. It started with the nomination of a guy who had signed the purported model for ObamaCare in Massachusetts. I liked Mitt Romney in many ways and I actually think he would have been an excellent president, but he wasn't in a very strong position to really attack ObamaCare and promise something better when his own health care policy track record was pretty much the same as Obama's.

But not to make Romney the whole issue, if McCain really traveled that much and campaigned that hard, and tried to make the case against Obama and ObamaCare, then the real knock against him and others is how poorly they did it. I understand Obama had the media in his pocket and all that, but when you can't beat a guy whose health care law the nation hates, whose economy is rotten and who is racking up debt like there's no tomorrow - with no plan whatsoever to change that - don't tell me you fought a good fight. You fought a horrible fight.

At this point, McCain might as well be telling Cruz, Paul, Lee, Rubio etc. to get off his lawn. Yeah yeah, gramps, we remember that you kinda sorta tried to fight, and you lost, and that's how we got where we are. It's time to get behind some people who fight to win.

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