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Florida / Re: Florida home to world’s ‘most dangerous’ tree
« Last post by Sighlass on Today at 08:43:24 am »
Used in the cult movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy" in a delightful scene where the bad guy gets his due.
Wonder if they will attempt to make the "vile vigilante" pay for daring to stop a criminal.
Very good.

She not only acknowledges the problem, but did something about it.

Hopefully, that will help make others aware as well.
Editorial/Opinion/Blogs / Re: Thought and Speech
« Last post by Smokin Joe on Today at 08:09:47 am »
That unnamed source could be the chance alignment of the letters in alphabet soup, FWIW.
Those 45 officials who interfered, or suborned that interference should be fired. (I would bet they made those calls from official phones, and electioneering by federal employees who are not themselves candidates on the taxpayers' dimes is illegal).
Well, I guess Biden is not completely anti-pipeline... :shrug: *****rollingeyes*****
If there is no gas/oil available what will the 'serfs' do?  They will make it so that they only transportation is EV.  Auto companies will be mandated to only produce EV., just like they have been mandated to produce vehicles with better gas mileage and low emissions.

I'm waiting for comments from Exxon and others.  Some of the auto manufacturers are already starting to phase out vehicles and gearing up to strictly producing EV.
The grid cannot handle EVs. Not now, and likely not in 5 years.

In five years, the tires on present vehicles will have mostly either worn out or dry rotted, and without oil, they're not going to be replaced. Nor are any of the plastic parts, nor the insulation on the wiring, and thousands of other uses/things that come from oil.

So, unless these jackasses are ready to start whaling again to grease the wagon axles, I'd suggest they rethink their nonsense.
What rising waters?

Have the Maldives been flooded out yet? Is Nome under threat?

If the Corps of Engineers would allow people to use methods of erosion control which have worked in the past, perhaps erosion would not be as much of a problem.
The seawalls I built as a young man are no longer permitted where I grew up, and those stopped erosion, so long as they remained intact.
Supporting Trump doesn't mean you agree with him 100% of the time.


General Discussion / Re: Pets Welcomed
« Last post by EdinVA on Today at 03:58:34 am »
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