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Financial firms have eyed Macy's partly for its multibillion-dollar real estate portfolio, which some say is undervalued in the stock market.

Geez, just as Trump allegedly fraudulently under/overvalued his patches of dirt with stuff on them..

Apparently, value is in the eye of the beholder.
It's 2024.  We've reached herd immunity.  Those who believe in Covid shots get them.  Those who don't believe in Covid shots.

It's not 2020 anymore.  Get some new material that's relevant to the present.

Anti-Covid-vaxxers don't have "new material that's relevant to the present". They don't have the hundreds of thousands or millions of excess dead bodies to prove their The Vaccine is deadly narrative, so they've recycled their 2021 or 2022 The Vaccine recipients are shedding Covid spikes falsehood, hoping people forget it's an old false claim.

Will the The Vaccine contains hydras absurdity-claim be recycled next?

Or maybe the The Vaccine contains microchips absurdity, or the sludge-blood absurdity.

The spikes falsehood, the hydras absurdity, the microchips absurdity, and the sludge blood absurdity have all been posted on TBR as serious claims. At some point in looking at a pile of pig manure one realizes it would be stupid to dig through it hoping to find a slab of bacon. Anti-Covid-vaxxers' claims are a rancid pile of pig manure.
Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈
The Reddit account belonging to the deceased leftist self-immolator further confirms his involvement in Antifa social networks. The posts show Aaron Bushnell mocking deceased US military members and supporting intimidation of elected officials. He was also a booster of the Atlanta terrorist “Stop Cop City” movement. 61 members of that network have been indicted on RICO, terrorism and/or money laundering charges.
People are living the consequences now. There needs to be a reckoning of what was done.

Absolutely and that information needs to be made known to the public.
The truth!  Great ad. I love it.

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G'day, Pookie!
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