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The "quickest" fix is to simply ship them BACK TO the border, and put them on the other side of it.

Best done where the 30-foot wall is actually completed.

An "improved wall" in the future should have "voluntary exit ports". They should be designed like the exit gates in some NYC subway stations, with a steel "revolving door" that turns only one way and permits only an exit, not a return. Works great in practice.

The illegal should be told:
You have 2 choices:
- go to prison for a year, and then be deported
- walk through this gate and you are "free".
... and let them take it from there.
Still watching "The Virginian." It's the eight season, and it's obvious the scriptwriters are running out of ideas. Trampas is threatened with being lynched for the second time. He was about to be lynched in an episode during one of the early seasons, but wasn't.  Yeah, stunning I know.
I'm waiting around for the quicksand episode where everybody at Shiloh ranch is threatened by quicksand which is everywhere out West according to how many Western episodes feature the hero(es) threatened with being sucked down by the stuff.  :tongue2:
This creature belongs in a hospital for the criminally insane.
Perhaps they still have one in the great state of Massachusetts...?
Do the Brits really want all those young muslim males in the UK learning actual military skills, courtesy of their own government...?

This is gonna turn around to bite 'em in the future.

But since WWII the Brits haven't acted with much common sense, anyway.
Well, it will go to the 9th Circuit next.

Probably get reversed by the initial 3-judge panel.

Then... go for an en banc hearing.

Results... uncertain at this time (although the 9th has been putting out some surprising opinions lately).

Then, possibly to the High Court.
For me, it was Ron Paul and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Did the same in '88.  Voted Libertarian again in '92.  Bush Sr. was the anti-Reagan.
Hispanics play a major roll at the Alamo....the killed all the whites. 
As I posted a day or to ago in another thread, the proper response of both Chief Justice Roberts (and his conservative colleagues) and the Congressional Pubbies should be to just ignore the leftist howls, and "carry on"...
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