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Binge watching "Goliath" with Billy Bob Thornton. Thornton plays an attorney who is fond of the bottle and seems headed for an eventual lung cancer diagnosis given the amount of cigarettes he chain smokes. Of course, everybody uses the f word.
But the plots are sort of intriguing.
Editorial/Opinion/Blogs / Re: Why Johnson okayed the Ukraine bill
« Last post by corbe on Today at 01:54:26 am »
Actually way back when there were no creatures breathing oxygen (or much fewer) and Earth atmosphere became too oxygenated and catastrophe happened, leading to the rise of the animal kingdom (layperson explanation), who breathed oxygen, and exhaled CO2.
I know some die hard Trump supporters that are certain Putin is the good guy. Nothing said or facts presented make any difference to them.

And isn't the TOS pretty much for Putin and against Ukraine?

You have a good point.  And I am so tired of people who say if someone supports Trump, they are fans of Putin.  No, they like Trump, it's not more complicated than that.
After the past few elections, one might expect the party to devote resources into boosting early turnout.  But, this is the GOP: Nominate a fringe character, screw off, and then claim it was stolen.

...hmm....I'm not so sure about that. Perhaps he could pardon himself for a federal crime, but I don't think he could pardon himself for a state crime. ???  NY has him right where they want him.

Despite the breadth of the President’s authority under the Pardon Clause, the Constitution’s text provides for at least two limits on the power: first, clemency may only be granted for "Offenses against the United States,"5 meaning that state criminal offenses and federal or state civil claims are not covered.6 Second, the President’s clemency authority cannot be used "in Cases of impeachment."

Exactly. Also not sure about self pardons.
   I think it will be as bad as '68, if not worse.  The similarities are not in the City they are held in but the true nature of the DNC at this time.  They are as fractured as we are and in as bad a shape with bidet at the helm, basically no leadership. 
   As in that time when LBJ left the party high and dry with his withdrawal after McCarthy/New Hampshire loss.
Shooting Sports / Re: Revolvers for women aren't such a great idea
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I was the only one that scored a perfect 10/10!! 


General Discussion / Re: Obituaries for 2024
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Roman Gabriel, former star QB of the LA Rams and College Football Hall of Famer, dies at 83
I can't recall how many times I heard the announcer call "Gabriel to Snow for the touchdown!" I just watched "The Undefeated" last night where Gabriel played John Wayne's adopted Indian believable **nononono*

Climate always changes. At one time, massive ice sheets covered my neck of the woods.  I've seen years when spring comes at the end of February to springs that don’t come till mid May

And nothing Granholm does will change that
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