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If Mr. Trump regains office, expect him to be "impeached" every couple of months in succession.

The Pubbies (assuming they win the Senate) should take a page out of Chuck the Schmuck's playbook, and DISMISS every article of impeachment presented to them by a [presumably] DCommunist House.

Just say "no".
That's not so hard, is it?
Rand Paul

Ukrainian flags fly in the chamber of the UNITED STATES House of Representatives as they vote to send more of your hard-earned money to a corrupt foreign regime. And just like that they shout “UKRAINE! UKRAINE!”while happily working to secure Ukraine’s borders, not ours.

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2:20 PM · Apr 20, 2024
As I've said repeated times before, if Mr. Trump regains office, he should CANCEL all the previous biden diktats "forgiving" the student loans, and send each and every one of them a bill to pay up...
Exclusive – Byron Donalds: ‘Incredibly Disappointing’ Johnson Violated Hastert Rule on Passage of Ukraine Aid

Reps. Byron Donalds and Chip Roy slammed Speaker Johnson for violating the Hastert Rule in passing the $60 billion Ukraine aid bill.

I hope Byron Donalds hangs in there.  There aren't too many conservatives left.
Editorial/Opinion/Blogs / Re: If they jail Trump, what’s next?
« Last post by Fishrrman on Today at 09:48:43 pm »
Weird postulates:
"If he's jailed and somehow wins, which is possible, then that will be the mother of all constitutional crises."

Horse manure.

Send Supreme Court Justice Thomas to the jail with a Bible.
Swear in Mr. Trump.
As soon as he IS sworn in, hand him "pardon papers" to sign -- pardoning HIMSELF.
Then the jailer opens the door, and Mr. Trump grabs a cab (or whatever else) to the White House.

Tell me now (and in all seriousness)... where the heck is the "Constitutional crisis" ???
Shooting Sports / Re: Revolvers for women aren't such a great idea
« Last post by libertybele on Today at 09:47:39 pm »
I beg to differ.  I took a concealed carry course for personal protection taught by a retired police officer over 3 weeks that met once a week for 3 weeks, 3 hours a session.  At the end of the course we had to prove proficiency and had to hit targets in various different scenarios. I had a Rossi revolver at the time.  There were 10 in my class, 2 other women and 7 men. 

I was the only one that scored a perfect 10/10!!  Even the instructor was amazed, that revolver was darned accurate.

Unfortunately, the gun would jam every now and then and so I figured it may not be reliable when most needed so I traded it in.

I would much rather carry an accurate reliable revolver than a semi-auto, especially as I age.  Granted you can't load as many in the chamber -- but one good shot to take 'em down is all you need.
Cat Burglar Reveals How She Made Millions Breaking Into Over 200 Houses | Jennifer Gomez~ Ian Bick

161,784 views  Apr 4, 2024  Locked In with Ian Bick

Delve into Jennifer Gomez's fascinating journey from ordinary life to sophisticated cat burglar, breaking into nearly 200 homes and accumulating over $7 million. Uncover her ingenious tricks, eventual capture, and the unique challenges of giving birth while serving a 10-year prison sentence.
Monica Crowley

This is how much the uniparty hates you:

After voting to shovel another $61 billion to Ukraine while doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about our own border catastrophe,

they waved Ukrainian flags - when the ONLY flag that should be waved on the House floor is the AMERICAN FLAG.

Truly sickening.

However much you detest these people, it’s not nearly enough.

4:14 PM · Apr 20, 2024
Politics/Government / Re: Political Graphics 2024
« Last post by Slide Rule on Today at 09:41:42 pm »
Politics/Government / Re: Political Graphics 2024
« Last post by Slide Rule on Today at 09:41:01 pm »
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