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Politics/Government / Re: Political Graphics 2023
« Last post by Slide Rule on Today at 04:51:35 am »
Sen. John Fetterman, D-Penn., said Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., needs to be expelled from the U.S. Senate, quipping that he’s more of a "Senator from Egypt, not New Jersey," on Friday on ABC’s "The View."

Menendez has corruption problems of his own. For example,
a physician in Florida was committing Medicare fraud on a massive scale.
He was billing the government for so many fictitious patients that,
if they actually existed, he would have been treating one patient per minute
all day, every day, for several years.
The government was starting to prosecute this fraud,
but the physician contacted his pal, Sen. Menendez,
who intervened and got the prosecution stopped.

About Fetterman appearing on "The View" -
putting him in that setting makes him look sane and competent by comparison!
Who says there is never any good news?
McCarthy is in full revenge mode. 
Sunk us? What sunk us is a stolen election and SCOTUS shirking their duties.

This issue was returned to the states where it rightfully belongs and that's what needs to be conveyed.

Each 2022 house race was stolen that prevented the expected Red Wave?

Not arguing the merit, I agree.  It's just that the dims were effective in winning elections by making GOP candidates Anti-Women on that issue.
Politics/Government / Re: Political Graphics 2023
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Politics/Government / Re: Political Graphics 2023
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Politics/Government / Re: Political Graphics 2023
« Last post by Right_in_Virginia on Today at 03:29:40 am »
This is actually the problem I have with many of these would-be Repubs.

They are big on publicly beating up on Trump, and also fail to criticize Dems.

Our gov Larry Hogan pulled this a lot.  He’d criticize Trump publicly but not much of that hatred for Dems, in his state or not.

I was Ok with Hogan but not crazy about him pulling a Trump on Trump.  Hogan wasn’t even attacked by Trump so it was really…Trumpian.  I don’t like Trump but he is still officially a Republican and as a politician in public, Id avoid saying anything about him.

My feelings on this were always that there were plenty on the left, most of the media, and pretty much all of Hollywood blasting Trump 24/7, so there was no shortage of criticism.   

Elected Republicans - whatever they thought about Trump - should have ensured that the Democeat destruction of the wasn't getting overlooked.  Instead, they wasted bandwidth on the already over-saturated issue of criticizing Trump.

BREAKING: Rep. Matt Gaetz is set to be next to be expelled from the House

12:34 PM · Dec 1, 2023

McCarthy on SUNDAY:  "Matt Gaetz's ethics complaint...I think once that ethics complaint comes forward, he could have the same problem as Santos has."
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