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This is not new at all. Her USA unversity professor Jamaican father, from Brown's Town Jamaica revealed this when she was running for vp.
This will be more difficult to fake than that phone call to a rally the other day.  This would be a good time to trot out a body double.

This could be the "coming out party" for deep fake technology.  It already exists.
The computer "learns" the EXACT features of the person to be simulated -
the face, the body, the voice, the speech patterns, the mannerisms,
EVERY exact detail of the person to be simulated!
Just give the computer a text for the simulated person to speak,
and it will generate a video that looks MORE real than if the actual person made the video!
“Guys, we’ve got to fight. We’ve got to fight hard. We can’t get complacent. We’re not a few points ahead. We are 10 points behind, and we have got a play like it.”

                                                                 — Kurt Schlicter
   That District (TX~18) is as gerrymandered as mine (TX~35), Lloyd Doggett (sitting right next to Chip Roy).
    Just Advice.  This applies to dating any Woman but particularly applies to older Women.
   Thanks for trying to explain to a Trumper, Wilma, that the 'presence or non-presence of electricity in a magnetic field' is Binary.


Ron Johnson reveals 8 shell casings were found near Trump would-be assassin's body

Hannah Nightingale  |  07/23/2024

Senator Ron Johnson revealed on Human Events Daily Tuesday eight shell casings were found near the body of Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally on July 13.

"We have spoken to two eyewitnesses and someone else who also has knowledge from the FBI that there were eight shell casings found near the dead body," Johnson told Jack Posobiec, noting that now former United Secret Service head Kimberley Cheatle would not answer that question in a hearing on Monday.

"Eyewitnesses have confirmed, two of them, that say there were eight shell casings, and another individual said that’s what the FBI reported as well."

In a press release following his appearance on the show, Johnson wrote, "On July 22, 2024, during testimony before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, then-Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, refused to answer questions about the number of shell casings found near the body of would-be assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks."  .  .  .
   Lautenberg proved the dems are above ANY election law in 2002, about the time hellary had JFK,Jr suicided in that plane.   

   Roughly 70 years before that we had the Great Depression and 70 years before that we had a Civil war.  70 years earlier we were at war with GB.   
   This 70 year cycle $hit is rough
There is going to be a Democrat or a Republican POTUS elected in November.  That's BINARY!


You are intermingling the word 'choice' with the term 'result'.  The two terms are not synonymous.  Nor is 'result' binary since a very remote possibility exists that neither candidate of the two major parties will be declared the winner.
From what I've read, those funds cannot be given to Kamala.
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