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Donald Trump Vows to ‘Restore the Sovereign Borders’ of the U.S.

Elizabeth Weibel 18 Jun 2024

Former President Donald Trump vowed to “restore the sovereign borders of the United States,” if elected president in November.

During a rally in Racine, Wisconsin, Trump told the crowd that Democrats were “wheeling granny off the cliff” in order to ensure that illegal aliens in the U.S. had benefits, adding that the majority of the new jobs being created were going to illegal aliens.

“The Democrats are wheeling granny off the cliff to give benefits to illegal aliens,” Trump said. “They’re giving the benefits to the illegals. And, you know, a stat that came out the other day is that almost all of the new jobs in this country are going to illegals. They’re not going to our people, they’re going to illegals.”

As Breitbart News reported, Trump has accused President Joe Biden of robbing senior citizens in the U.S. of their Social Security and Medicaid benefits by providing “mass amnesty” to over half a million illegal aliens in the country.

Biden issued two executive amnesties for illegal migrants on Tuesday. Under the first one, roughly 500,000 illegal aliens will be allowed to get green cards as long as they are married to American citizens and have been in the U.S. for at least 10 years.

Additionally, roughly 50,000 migrant children who have a parent married to an American citizen will be eligible to apply for a green card.

Under the second one, roughly 550,000 illegal migrants who are enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program,will be provided with work visas.

Chairman Mark Green Says Joe Biden Rolling Out ‘Welcome Mat’ for Illegal Aliens with Executive Amnesty

John Binder 18 Jun 2024

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) says President Joe Biden is rolling out “a welcome mat” at the United States-Mexico border with an executive amnesty for more than half a million illegal aliens in the U.S.

“By allowing otherwise inadmissible aliens to remain in the country indefinitely through a ‘parole-in-place’ sleight of hand, and to receive generous, taxpayer-funded benefits, this president is sending a loud and clear message to any would-be border crosser that the door is not only wide open — there’s a welcome mat,” Green said in a statement.

Biden’s executive amnesty will ensure that at least 550,000 illegal alien spouses of American citizens and children can secure green cards and, eventually, naturalized American citizenship. In addition, the amnesty will open work visas to those illegal aliens who have graduated from an American university.

Green said the amnesty “further legitimizes unlawful entry into our country — an affront to the rule of law and an insult to every American.”

To carry out the amnesty, Biden and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are once again using a little-known parole program that Republicans and critics have said has been abused by the administration to create an expansive catch and release network.

“Despite being intended for use in extraordinary circumstances only, Biden and Mayorkas have warped the parole statute beyond recognition,” the Heritage Foundation’s Lora Ries said:

    This latest decree from the White House will encourage more illegal immigration and marriage fraud while adding to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’s more than nine million-case backlog and workload, making the wait for legal green card applicants even longer.

Worldometers' US page probably shows there was no political party pattern to states' per capita Covid deaths ... though New York and New Jersey might skew that into more deaths per capita were in "Blue" states.

I don't think it's a party thing. I think it's a city vs. rural thing, that is masked by party as rural folks tend to be Republican, but are not... What they are is Conservative by nature. They are independent, and not followers. Or they are not going to be rural very long.
Video shows 'neighborhood people' take down illegal immigrant accused of raping 13-year-old at knifepoint
Ecuadorian migrant Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi suspected in horrific attack on pair of 13-year-olds in Queens park
By Michael Ruiz Fox News
Published June 18, 2024 4:40pm EDT | Updated June 18, 2024 5:06pm EDT

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at</noscript>[/html]

A group of New Yorkers who recognized the suspect in a horrific rape of a 13-year-old took him down and held him until police arrived around 1 a.m. Tuesday, cellphone video shows.

Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, a 25-year-old from Ecuador, entered the country illegally in 2021 near Eagle Pass, Texas, police said.

He racked up an arrest in Texas and a handful of infractions in New York City before police say he cornered a pair of 13-year-olds in a Queens park, forced them into the woods at knifepoint, tied their wrists together with shoelaces and raped one of them. He allegedly stole their phones and told them to stay put for 20 minutes as he fled.

With help from the victims, police put out a sketch of the suspect. Then a local resident spotted him on surveillance video, which police also released.

A group of men at a deli in nearby Corona recognized him and pounced. Then they held him until police arrived, according to authorities.

This is part of the millions of dollars worth of campaign contributions the news media is going to contribute to the Biden reelection campaign

No, they skip cheating every once in a while to make it appear legit. That's why Hillary lost in 2016.

Yeah, right.  *****rollingeyes*****

 :laugh: :beer:
Utter nonsense.

Here's Britain.  Take a close look at this chart.  Around 1840, Britain abandoned mercantilism (and the tariffs upon which it was based) and embraced free trade instead.

There are many Trump supporters that seem to want him to be judged for his intentions and not the results.

That’s the same mindset that liberals have
Bigun shoots back above with:
"Evidence of the cheat is everywhere with more and more coming to light every day..."

I've posted numerous times in this forum over the past few years about the growing power of The Party's underground and above-ground election apparatus.

So I agree with Bigun, about the cheating that went on last time (also from the apparatus), and what can and WILL happen THIS time around.

This is going to become VERY difficult for Republican election watchers to monitor and thwart come election day. They'd better be ready with an army of poll watchers and lawyers.

Couple that with what I sense will become a very close election to start with, and I still only see Mr. Trump with about 50-50 odds to win.

I make this observation as a "Trump partisan" in this forum.
I'd like for things to be more in his favor.
But I call 'em as I see 'em, and that's what I see here.
Jokes and Humor / Re: The Official TBR Silliness Thread---2024
« Last post by 240B on Today at 10:32:46 pm »
Okey doke! Then I'm sure I'm better for knowing you too!  :beer:
So that's it then!? You are just going to throw it all away like that?
I knew I should not have got involved in this (whatever 'this' is), but I could not help it.
Now, once again, I have been thrown out like so much garbage!
I am NOT garbage! You are garbage! But ... my feelings for you will never change.
I'm sorry ...
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