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Title: Democrat Self-Interest in Re-Election Overtakes Desire to Pass the Socialist-Progressive Legislative
Post by: mystery-ak on June 11, 2021, 07:53:33 pm
Democrat Self-Interest in Re-Election Overtakes Desire to Pass the Socialist-Progressive Legislative Agenda
By Shipwreckedcrew | Jun 11, 2021 3:15 PM ET

June 10, 2021: Reality has set in for the advocates of the radical socialist-progressive agenda who hijacked the Democrat party during the Trump Administration — they don’t have the votes they need inside the Democrat party and it’s now time to “name names”.

Joe Manchin is not a lone-wolf moderate playing the role of a large rock in a fast-moving stream.  The left-wing agitators have finally realized that Manchin is playing a role which he was willing, and more importantly able to play in helping to strangle in the crib the terrible ideas of socialist simpletons like Bernie Sanders and political neophytes led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC realizes what Sanders has long known, and is demanding accountability WITHIN the Democrat party for those who secretly oppose the socialist-progressive agenda she and other socialists have forced upon the party as a whole.

I have written numerous stories about Joe Manchin and why he was unlikely to ever cave in to the demands of AOC and the radical left-wingers.  The bottom line is he doesn’t agree with much of what their legislation would do because he thinks the changes would not be in the interest of West Virginia.  Right now, with the backstop of the filibuster protecting him, Manchin has his hand firmly on the “emergency brake” to stop the socialists from doing “crazy.”

Joe Manchin is a West Virginia Democrat and a Catholic.  His political ideology was formed in the aftermath of the Presidency of John Kennedy. On the spectrum of the Democrat party, he’s on the opposite end from George McGovern.  He’s not allowing a Democrat Party legislative lollapalooza to happen by voting to eliminate the legislative filibuster because it would unleash forces of change he doesn’t support.  He will vote for Democrat-sponsored legislation that has GOP support.  But he will not let the Senate become a majoritarian body that would allow political agitation to drive “crazy” stuff through and into law in the same way it happens in the House — by either party.  He understands that Mitch McConnell and the GOP did not do it when Pres. Trump agitated for it, and he’s not going to allow the Democrats to do it — not while he’s able to prevent it from happening.