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Houdini horse can't be fenced in



 Houdini horse can't be fenced in

Mariska, a horse in Michigan, doesn’t like staying put. She’s figured out how to get out of her stable and occasionally invites friends to come for a stroll.


 Published on Jan 7, 2013

Our Friesian Mare Mariska, is very good at opening her stall doors, and anything else that might have food in it. For more about Mariska and our other Friesians, visit our website & blog at:

 MistySandy 4 days ago

This is just a video for fun. We have all the safety latches in place necessary to keep her in! She learned each of these doors one step at a time, then we added safety back ups. She is much too valuable personally and financially to let her just roam free. But she does force us to be very careful to make sure the back ups are in place.


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