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--- Quote from: Right_in_Virginia on November 28, 2023, 01:33:09 am ---

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OMG! That little dog is almost as smart as my poodle. I'm smitten! 3333hugs 3333hugs 3333hugs

Door pass test. 😂

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I love this one. Thank you @240B

you made my afternoon,



--- Quote from: Right_in_Virginia on December 06, 2023, 01:45:07 am ---

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I'm a sucker for stuff like this.

I feed stray/abandoned/wild cats behind the dumpsters of a local supermarket every day. A varying number of them aren't really stray because they were born there after the mother cat "owners" found out they were pregnant,and just abandoned them.

There is a huge electrical box of some sort there in a cement pad,and I pour dry cat food on the cement,and then dump canned cat food on top of it. I also put out a little more than a gallon of water every day for them to have clean water to drink.

Noticed a hole dug right next to the cement a few months ago that was maybe 5 inches long,3 inches wide,and maybe 2-3 inches deep. Keep planning on bringing a shovel and filling it up because I kept "almost" stumbling after setting a foot in it.

Was out there one day when it was really overcast,and noticed something black in the hole that wasn't moving and filled the whole hole. I was busy feeding the cats when I spotted it,and figured I would find out what it was when I was through.

Come to find out it was a new-born female kitten. Lots of people don't realize,or even believe that animals have the innate ability to reason and come to conclusions,but what happened was one of the wild black cats had kittens,and most likely didn't have enough milk to feed them all,so one had to be "abandoned" in order to keep the whole litter from suffering,and she was smart enough to not just leave the kitten lay on the ground,but took it up where me and the others who sometimes feed the cats,most likely hoping someone will adopt her.

It happened to be a holiday weekend this happened,and the closest vet office that was open was about 75 miles away.

Then I thought about this woman friend of mine who is a farmer and likes to keep a lot of cats around because she has silos of corn and other crops stored. So I took the kitten to her,and she said she would see what she could do,while pretending to be casual about it. The next day she was operating farm equipment,with the kitten in her shirt pocket so she could stop occasionally to feed it,and to keep it warm. When the kitten got her eyes open and started to move around,she put it in a basket with a towel in the bottom,and still operated her combine and other equipment,with the kitten tucked up under a blanket in the basket.

I saw her out in her yard a couple of weeks ago and stopped to ask her about the kitten,and she put on her "happy face" and told me to follow her in the house. The kitten is now a VERY playful young cat,and has her own box in the house,in addition to her own litter box.

So much for the kitten catching mice around her corn. That little cat is now a house cat.


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