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No joy in Philly - Worst sports weekend of the year!

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This is a pure vanity, but this had to be the most disheartening, disappointing weekend in the City of Brotherly Love in a very long time.

First, the $50 million pitching staff of the Phillies (a team that had the most wins in Major League Baseball this year) proves unable to tame the Wild Card St. Louis Cardinals.  Chris Carpenter, a journeyman pitcher, went the full nine innings on Friday night and shut down the vaunted Phillie lineup, handing the team forecast to represent the National League in the World Series an early ticket home.

Cliff Lee, you chose your poison.  The team you left--the Rangers--is still playing while you've got tee times this week.

Then, on Sunday, the Eagles got shut down for the FOURTH game in a row, with dogkiller Michael Vick suffering four interceptions as his karma continues.  Are the Eagles really as bad as their record indicates? 

You Philadelphians have one consolation:  The Yankees are also out, and the Giants are anything but sharp this season, yesterday's loss to the Seahawks a case in point.

Lando Lincoln:
Carpenter pitched brilliantly.  What a classic baseball game!  A 1-0 game can be a baseball aficionado's dream sometimes.  Philly fans have to be beside themselves with frustration.

The State of Wisconsin has it going right now with the Packers, Brewers and Badgers.  Wonder how far each will get this year.

DCPatriot:'s a "flyover country" World Series this year.

Milwaukee Wisconsin - St. Louis, Missouri


Arlington's Texas Rangers - Detroit, Michigan

Not exactly a television network's "Dream Final-Four"

Lipstick on a Hillary:

--- Quote ---Arlington's Texas Rangers - Detroit, Michigan
--- End quote ---

This series is playing out now, and THE one to see, as far as I am concerned. 

Lando Lincoln:


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