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Why I was MIAfor a few months.......

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R4 TrumPence:
I wasn't going to post this but several People have PM'd me asking...

My dad, had what was supposed to be routine gall bladder surgery but turned into almost septic shock. He is 76, so it was very serious and he wasn't expected to live. I had to fly home to NC on the spur of the moment on June 26th and was there until last Wed.
My dad is now fine after a lot of prayers and friends standing vigil over him.  He lost a lot of weight but is back to his normal routine now.  I waited until the final Dr. report before I flew back to Vegas.

Anyway that is where I have been and all the prayers from those here who knew, which was our mods and advisers paid off.

I want to thank you all for your support!

How scary. I'm so glad he's recovered. Nice to have you back!

Lando Lincoln:
Great to hear your Dad is better - and to have you back.


Very happy to hear everything worked out and that he's getting back to health.

Welcome back, R4P!

I am very happy to hear that it all turned out well.  Welcome back, R4R R4S R4P!  (and may the third time be a charm)


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