Author Topic: VIDEO: "The West Wing" Presidential Debate Fantasy vs Laughable Reality  (Read 551 times)

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President Jed Bartlet is an absolutely BRILLIANT debater. While his Republican opponent on "The West Wing" spouts platitudinous boring talking points, the fast on his feet Bartlet can talk rings around him while cutting him down with his wit during their debate. GAME ON! Of course, it is easy for President Bartlet to win his debate to get re-elected as President of TV Land because ALL the lines for both him and his opponent are written by liberal writers with an agenda to promote liberalism to the viewers. However, in the real world things are quite different as we saw recently when Joe Biden was struggling with his words without the advantage of Aaron Sorkin writing all the dialogue for both him and President Trump. Here you can see that stark contrast between liberal fantasy and sad but very laughable REALITY.
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