Author Topic: What the Dementia-ocrats fear  (Read 151 times)

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What the Dementia-ocrats fear
« on: July 10, 2024, 01:13:54 pm »
What the Dementia-ocrats fear
Don Surber
July 10, 2024
Vice President DEI is the only hope Democrats have left. Switching candidates four months before the election shoots a party in the left foot. Suddenly dumping the woman they put a heartbeat away from the presidency shoots the other.

CNN reported, “Kamala Harris is the only viable alternative for Democrats.”

The column by Bill Burton said, “...  Passing over our first black vice president — who is literally in this job for the specific reason of being ready to step into Biden’s place should the need arise — would create a level of anger and disappointment from the black community that would completely disrupt our ability to keep together a coalition of voters who could make it possible to beat Trump.”

Pandering has its price. Live by the DEI, die by the DEI. Kamala truly Didn’t Earn It but there she is.  ...

Count on Trump to attack the administrative state — a polite term for deep state — which is where in modern America the power is.

Project 2025 is as phony as the FBI’s Patriot Front. Trump is not going to mess with Social Security or abortion. The people have spoken. Karl Rove had the second President Bush waste all his political capital on a dopey plan to turn everyone who pays into Social Security become an expert in the stock market.

As for abortion, Dobbs turned the issue back to the states. The federal government should not meddle.

Liberals have seized on the Heritage Foundation’s dopey Project 2025 to strike fear in voters but the problem with that is voters have already seen Donald Trump as president. Most of them preferred The Donald over Obama, er, Biden — and that was before Biden’s dementia became so obvious that the press could no longer hide it.  ...

Trump is about to take control of the agencies.

The Dementia-ocrats fear that most of all.  ...
Entire article at Surber's blog
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