Author Topic: Jon Stewart: Excuses for Biden’s ‘shocking display of cognitive difficulty’ are ‘bulls‑‑‑’  (Read 191 times)

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Jon Stewart: Excuses for Biden’s ‘shocking display of cognitive difficulty’ are ‘bulls‑‑‑’
Comedian Jon Stewart took aim at President Biden’s team for its “bulls‑‑‑” spin on the president’s poor debate performance last month, as calls for him to withdraw from the race continue to mount.

Stewart criticized Biden and his allies over how they have been spinning the postdebate coverage during Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show.” He played some clips of Biden’s verbal gaffes in recent months, with Stewart noting there’s been “some troubling moments of disconnect” for Biden even before the debate.
“Then of course, to be fair, State of the Union — concern dropped a little bit at the State of the Union. He kind of nailed it. But then the debate happened, and we kind of, what the f‑‑‑?,” he said.
“Now to my mind, the debate was a shocking display of cognitive difficulty recognizable to, unfortunately, anybody who’s dealt with aging parents, and it’s a hard watch,” he added, before noting that some viewers felt Biden’s performance “was not as noteworthy as Biden’s opponent in the debate.”
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What are the Las Vegas odds that Hollyweirders will pressure Stewart back into the Dem Party line (which is, admittedly, evolving)?
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