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This Video Exposes the Mini Eye on iPhone – Big Brother Is Watching You!

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American Girl:
I’ve wondered about those 3 lenses.

I didn't find anyone brave enough to try this and see for themselves. I only see reposts of this one video.

PeteS in CA:
Like Samsung phones' cameras don't also have 3 lenses:

The Deciduous Fruit Computer company does not have the Exabytes of storage it would take to store even a few months of every iPhone user's phone spy-images. Let alone the compute power to make use of all that data.

Absurd CT-bleep like this should be in the Alternate Realities forum, IMO.

   I'll pass @PeteS in CA
   That's where Briefers go to discuss Religion Philosophies. 
   It's quiet and respectful, so far.

   This is all a distraction to keep you from looking at what Little Sister (CIA) is doing.

Look at Little Sister · Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

if anybody's worried, they sell stick-on clippities that will cover the lenses until you manually flip em up.

Me, I don't care. they can take all the pictures they want... of my nipple... the inside of my shirt pocket... because that's where it is all day long. I just poke the button in my ear and tell Giggles to call somebody. It hardly ever leaves my pocket.


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