Author Topic: 24 Hour Fitness tells employees BLM symbols okay all the time, US flags only on holidays  (Read 172 times)

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HOLY SHLIT. Internal memo from 24 hour fitness @24hourfitness advises that BLM and pride symbols are always approved forms of “freedom of expression” but the American Flag and US logos are only allowed to be worn on Holidays.

9:13 AM · Jun 11, 2024

24 Hour Fitness describes itself as a leading health club industry pioneer with over 275 locations across the United States, headquartered in Southern California.

See also the gym's "trannies in the lockerrooms" policy:

Support Israel's emergency medical service.

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At one time, businesses used to stay out of politically charged issues because they didn’t want to alienate any customer base

They should follow the Michael Jordan philosophy

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What about a "Nationalist-Socialist Lives Matter" flag or a "Bolshevik Lives Matter" flag?
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