Author Topic: Deputy Leader Of Germany’s Centre-Right Party: Country In A “Green Fairy Tale World”  (Read 66 times)

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Deputy Leader Of Germany’s Centre-Right Party: Country In A “Green Fairy Tale World”
By P Gosselin on 9. June 2024

The Deputy Leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union Jens Spahn warns that the current socialist-green government is leading the country into a “green fairy tale world” and sharply citicizes the country’s the nuclear phase-out.

In an interview with on Deutschlandfunk radio, he said: “It was a green fairy tale world where the facts were twisted.”

“The CDU and CSU parliamentary group executive has decided to set up an investigative committee. The parliamentary group still has to vote on this. At least a quarter of the members of the Bundestag must vote in favor – the CDU/CSU has enough seats to make this possible,” reports Germany’s Blackout News here, citing (welt: 04.06.24).

The CDU’s change of heart on nuclear power comes as a surprise to voters who still have a memory: It was Angela Merkel’s CDU party that led the phaseout of nuclear power in a panic response to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in March, 2011. The CDU’s recent reversal is a strong indication of just how dire Germany’s energy situation has become.

Spahn also criticized the current socialist green government, saying its ministries are run like NGOs and asked “whether there was a green system of governance that placed party interests above those of the country.”
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