Author Topic: Europe is hell bent on forcing US companies to go woke and it has a new law to do just that  (Read 363 times)

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Looks like we need tariffs on goods and services from the E.U. to compensate U.S. companies the cost to comply with these E.U. rules.

F Europe.  America would get better return on investment from developing Latin American, African, and Indo-Pacific nations.

I'm tired of America's alleged "friends and allies" putting screws to the United States.  That's not what real friends and allies do.

Let the Europeans save their own damn continent from being over-run by the Ruskies.

Let the Saudi's shed their own blood to save themselves from Iranian aggression.


I'm sure the E.U. will equally apply these rules to Chinese companies and suppliers.
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hmmm, "...large businesses reduce and reverse biodiversity loss, limit water and land consumption,..."
So plowing hundreds of square miles of pristine land for solar panels and cutting down huge swaths of forests for windmills will meet the intent?  :smokin:

As someone else here so eloquently put it, "F europe".
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