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Trump calls for Jan. 6 committee members to be indicted


 Trump calls for Jan. 6 committee members to be indicted
by Brett Samuels - 06/06/24 4:01 PM ET

Former President Trump on Thursday fumed over a federal judge ordering his longtime ally Steve Bannon to report to prison, calling for members of the House panel that investigated the Jan. 6, 2021, riot to be indicted.

Trump called it a “Total and Complete American Tragedy” that Bannon and Peter Navarro, another former aide, have been ordered to prison for separately refusing to comply with the congressional investigation led by the now-disbanded House Jan. 6 committee.

The former president claimed in a Truth Social post that members of the House panel had committed crimes, asserting they “deleted and destroyed all material evidence.”

“The unAmerican Weaponization of our Law Enforcement has reached levels of Illegality never thought possible before,” Trump posted. “INDICT THE UNSELECT J6 COMMITTEE FOR ILLEGALLY DELETING AND DESTROYING ALL OF THEIR ‘FINDINGS!'”

The panel’s former chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), has previously pushed back against GOP claims that the committee withheld information.

Trump’s post follows several interviews he gave this week in which he suggested it would be fair game for his political opponents to be prosecuted if he wins the White House in November. Trump made the comments on the heels of his own conviction on 34 felony counts in New York for falsifying business records.

The former president has claimed that the Biden White House played a role in his legal battles, though there is no evidence that was the case.



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