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Boston council member calling for 'revolution' alarms liberal colleagues with wild tirades, threats

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Boston council member calling for 'revolution' alarms liberal colleagues with wild tirades, threats
From the start, Tania Fernandes Anderson stated her goal for City Council was to create a 'revolution' for 'equity'
By Hannah Grossman Fox News
Published May 24, 2024 5:00am EDT

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EXCLUSIVE – A Democratic Boston city council member, who called to "dismantle the White backdrop" in America and "create a revolution," is starting to disturb her liberal colleagues with her wild antics and threats, according to a source who spoke with Fox News Digital.

The source is a city hall employee, who requested anonymity because council member Tania Fernandes Anderson has created an "unhealthy" environment. The employee believes Fernandes Anderson is a "troubled person," who uses accusations of racism to get people to fall in line. The source discussed the challenges of having someone in the city's government who has been – in their view – hostile, verbally abusive and antisemitic.

"People are intimidated by her. And that intimidation does work," the source said. They said some members would give into her because "no one want to disagree with Tania because she's unpredictable."

Fernandes Anderson was elected in November 2021, and is self-described as "the first formally undocumented African born immigrant & first Muslim elected in the city of Boston."


Mentally ill, probably.


--- Quote from: mountaineer on May 24, 2024, 09:57:05 pm ---Mentally ill, probably.

--- End quote ---

She's a liberal democrat, so no "probably" about it - she's mentally ill.

Weird Tolkienish Figure:
As an elected lawmaker, she should know we regularly have scheduled revolutions called "elections".

She is a city council member. Not a college campus radical

That means a majority of people elected her

Side not: Comical how she uses the  "F" word while demanding respect


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