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Your City Doesn’t Have a Migrant Crisis Yet? Just Ask Denver for its New How-To Guide.


Your City Doesn’t Have a Migrant Crisis Yet? Just Ask Denver for its New How-To Guide.
May 23, 2024
Denver city officials have just released a 22-page guide that comprehensively details how to house, feed, clothe, employ, and otherwise subsidize and reward illegal immigration. It’s based on the city’s own experience as a sanctuary jurisdiction and now they’re anxious to share their “success” with municipal colleagues across the country.

In fact, they’re absolutely giddy about their new guide:

Introduction: Welcome to the City and County of Denver’s Newcomers Playbook! We are thrilled that you are interested in creating a welcoming environment for migrants in your city. As part of Denver’s welcoming approach, we use the term “newcomers” to refer to migrants, recognizing that they are new to our city and embracing a more inclusive language. This playbook is a guide divided into two sections, offering recommendations and strategies for successfully integrating newcomers into your city.

As instruction manuals go, the Playbook is a marvel of thoroughness; a turnkey to-do list for any public official wanting to launch a sanctuary jurisdiction, or to take their existing sanctuary policies to a whole new level. The Playbook details how to establish migrant intake centers; ensure efficient transportation; set up budgets; assign individualized case workers; provide housing and health care; develop networks with volunteers, nonprofits, and community based organizations; and locate local, state and federal funding sources. Meticulous in its detail, the Playbook also offers a voluminous check list of “guest-related” questions sanctuary administrators carefully consider such as:


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