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J6 Inquisitors Nail Their First Big Name


May 20, 2024
J6 Inquisitors Nail Their First Big Name
By Jack Cashill

The New York Times editors could barely contain their glee.  “Conservative Family Scion Sentenced to Nearly 4 Years for Jan. 6 Attack.”  The subhead spelled out the details: “Leo Brent Bozell, the son and grandson of influential right-wing figures, shattered a windowpane in the Capitol, pursued a police officer and made his way into the speaker’s office during the pro-Trump riot.”

If the conservative movement has royalty, the Bozell family can rightfully claim a place in court.  Leo’s father, L. Brent Bozell III, is the founder of the Media Research Center, and his grandfather, L. Brent Bozell, Jr., was a founding father  of the National Review.  Leo’s grandmother is Patricia Buckley Bozell, and his great-uncle is William F. Buckley, the original editor of the National Review and the public face of American conservatism for nearly a half-century.

Although Leo “Zeeker” Bozell, 44, gave up his claim to the Bozell throne long ago for the quiet life of construction work in small-town Pennsylvania, he had name enough to bring out the inner Stasi in the DOJ’s weaponized prosecutorial corps.



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