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Did a Jordanian Border-Crosser Just Attempt a Terror Attack on a Marine Corps Base Near D.C.?



Did a Jordanian Border-Crosser Just Attempt a Terror Attack on a Marine Corps Base Near D.C.?

Cone of silence falls over local media report of a breaching attempt at Quantico
By Todd Bensman on May 14, 2024
The Potomac Local News, founded in 2010 “to help people understand what is happening in their local communities in Northern Virginia”, practices what it calls local “conservative journalistic standards” and almost prides itself on a fact of life about today’s politically bifurcated media landscape. As the online outlet explains on its “About” page”

Often overlooked by the Washington, D.C. legacy media, we’ve remained true to our community by providing local, can’t-get-it anywhere-else coverage of local government, business, and charitable organizations.

But on May 3, the little online newspaper’s Kelly Sienkowski broke a major national story with serious policy and electoral implications, but which has been overlooked by the legacy media.

At issue in Sienkowski’s story is whether the United States just experienced its first attempted terror attack by a border-crossing illegal alien from the Middle East.

RNC Research
🚨 One of the suspects in the attempted "breach" at Quantico was caught illegally crossing the border last month — then released into the country by the Biden administration.
8:45 AM · May 23, 2024

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Luke Rosiak
One of the illegals from Jordan who allegedly tried to infiltrate Quantico was on the terror watch-list... the other was *brought in to attend a US college,* then illegally overstayed his visa, while coordinating with the possible terrorist.
2:44 PM · May 24, 2024
--- Quote ---Illegal Who Tried To Infiltrate Quantico Was Let Into Country To Attend U.S. College
By  Luke Rosiak
May 23, 2024

One of two men from the country of Jordan who allegedly tried to infiltrate the Quantico Marine Corps base was initially allowed into the country on a student visa, according to a Fox News report.

The other man had recently crossed into the country through the southern border illegally despite reportedly being on the terrorist watch-list. The first man was also in the country illegally after overstaying his student visa, Fox News reported, citing Department of Homeland Security sources.

The attempted infiltration of Quantico allegedly occurred in May 3, but was concealed from the public until local news outlet Potomac Local uncovered it last week. The Marine Corps then acknowledged that the men–who posed as Amazon delivery drivers and then allegedly defied instructions to stop and drove onto the base anyway–were in the country illegally, but refused to confirm whether one was on the terrorist watchlist. ...
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