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Blue state Dems turn on governor as homeless council can't account for $20B in spending


Blue state Dems turn on governor as homeless council can't account for $20B in spending
Newsom officials on defense as Dem lawmaker asks where $20B allocated for homelessness went
Jamie Joseph By Jamie Joseph Fox News
Published May 10, 2024 8:30am EDT
Newsom: California homelessness crisis is ‘disgraceful’
Fox News host Sean Hannity exclusively interviews California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who addresses the homelessness crisis and businesses leaving his state.

Some California Democrats are turning on their Golden State leader after Gov. Gavin Newsom's homelessness council failed to track whether billions of dollars spent on curbing the homelessness crisis were successful in the last five years.

"You come to a budget committee, and there’s no numbers," Democratic Assemblymember Phil Ting said to Newsom's housing and homelessness officials during Monday's budget committee hearing. "How many people have we helped? How many people are off the street?"

"Because that's what people want to know," he added.

A California Interagency Council on Homelessness (CICH) executive responded that they're dealing with "data quality issues," so metrics are not yet available for how more than $20 billion was spent since the council's inception.

"We're working expeditiously," executive officer Meghan Marshall said.

First, I would check the "donors'' to the Biden re-election campaign.

Second, I would check "donors" to the DNC.

Third, I would check "donors" to the Newsom re-election campaign.

Fourth the California Democrat Committee.

Then Newsom's personal account.

Then "donors'' to BLM and Antifa.

Follow those with donations to Nazi Pelosi's bank account. :tongue2:

Lastly, check and see if some of that money didn't go to Hamas.

PeteS in CA:

So, theft and official corruption is now being labeled as "data quality issues"?  How ... useful.

That wasn't a mugging, that was a "data quality issue"!


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