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9/11 Commission Recommendations and Current Immigration Debacle


9/11 Commission Recommendations and Current Immigration Debacle

I did some internet searching in no particular order with the exception the immigration policy just can't follow the 9/11 recommendations for keeping Americans safe.  What I found is policy of this administration was so far from those recommendations, it might well have been formulated by our darkest enemies.  I will just give a smattering of those safety suggestions as the total report was almost 570 pages.

* Raise U.S. global border security standards.
       They have in fact been lowered.

* Secure identification, such as driver's licenses are needed.  Secure identifications are the last opportunity
   assure people are who they say they are.
       ID, in many cases, isn't even needed anymore.

* Improved use of no-fly lists.
   There have been almost 600,000 people flown into this country by the administration based on who the
   migrants say they are.  Not only a lack of no-fly lists but our country is bringing these unknowns in.

*  PRIORITY attention to improving screening.
    The government doesn't even know who they are bringing since they aren't screened.

*  Screening does not involve guesswork.
    It isn't guesswork if you don't screen to begin with.  It is asking for disaster.

*  Involve state and local police.
    Is that why the DOJ is fighting states who try to get more involved?

*  Homeland Security involvement should be strictly on assessment risks and vulnerability.
    Homeland Security now runs the show.

*  The U.S. Government MUST identify and prioritize actual or POTENTIAL terrorist sanctuaries.  For each it
    should have a realistic strategy to keep possible terrorists and on the run using all elements of national
    I'm not sure if they are talking about keeping Palestinian Hamas operatives from Gaza running or U.S. states
    like Minnesota or Washinton D.C.

This isn't much of a list and surely misses many more important issues and recommendations but seems adequate to say the administration isn't invested in following the 9/11 reports and recommendations.  It is leaving American people and institutions vulnerable, even the FBI admits terrorists have come into the country illegally.   Thousands of military age Russian and Chinese men have come in.  The one never talked about is North Korea which worries me more than Russia and China.  Kim Dung Un wouldn't hesitate to use a dirty bomb where the other two aren't so brash and radical.  Neither would Jihadis hesitate to create havoc and destruction, yet the consideration for bringing them from Gaza to house and feed them while they plot our destruction seems to be seriously considered by the administration.

You can go back to the 1850s and people were aware America could never be destroyed by force, only by our own self destruction.  The great Frederick Douglass said so in a speech.  Yet, we find ourselves on the cusp of that destruction caused by schools and colleges which no longer support American freedom.  By a spineless, greedy congress more interested in what they can get, not what is best for America.  We have a woke military whose efficiency is being called more and more into question.  A legal system broken and used for political purposes.

I could go on and on, but it wouldn't make much difference.  The great experiment in liberty is on life support.  I'm thankful to be 76 so when it likely collapses, I'll be doing the great dirt nap - I hope.


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