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Biden Wishes He Could’ve Met Trump ‘Head to Head’ ‘In the Neighborhood’...[lmao]

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Biden Wishes He Could’ve Met Trump ‘Head to Head’ ‘In the Neighborhood’

Nick Gilbertson 26 Apr 2024

President Joe Biden suggested Friday he would have liked to fight former President Donald Trump when they were children, echoing similar rhetoric he has used, fantasizing about a physical confrontation with his rival.

During an appearance on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show on Friday, Stern and Biden were discussing Biden’s stuttering difficulties as a child when he said he would have liked to meet Trump “head to head” “in the neighborhood.”

--- End quote ---

“But by that time, I was over most of the stuttering, but like, for example, you know, I mean, Trump makes fun of me,” Biden said. “Here’s the kind of guy in the neighborhood you wish you could have gotten in the neighborhood and meet head to head.”

The shock jock and president then pivoted to the “first fistfight” the president had.

Biden had implied he would like to fight Trump multiple times dating back to 2016, when he was still vice president and Hillary Clinton was the Democrat presidential nominee.


What a stupid comment

“head to head” , like "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard"?

Fight between Brandon and Trump?  I get dibs on front row seats.

 :laughingdog: :pigs fly:

The dimwit is afraid to debate him; so he would have liked to fight him?   :rolling:

Cyber Liberty:
He wanted to fight Trump when they were kids.  Makes sense, really, because Joe would have been a few years older and bigger than Trump.  IOW, Joe misses his days as a bully who picked on younger kids.


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