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If they jail Trump, what’s next?

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--- Quote from: corbe on April 21, 2024, 01:14:00 am ---   In 30 years we go from an 'I didn't inhale' Clinton to an X heroin addict in RFK Jr. 
   TV is the absolute gateway drug!

--- End quote ---

...hmm no wonder he's anti-vax.  88888cool

Weird Tolkienish Figure:

--- Quote from: libertybele on April 20, 2024, 10:02:55 pm ---
...hmm....I'm not so sure about that. Perhaps he could pardon himself for a federal crime, but I don't think he could pardon himself for a state crime. ???  NY has him right where they want him.

Despite the breadth of the President’s authority under the Pardon Clause, the Constitution’s text provides for at least two limits on the power: first, clemency may only be granted for "Offenses against the United States,"5 meaning that state criminal offenses and federal or state civil claims are not covered.6 Second, the President’s clemency authority cannot be used "in Cases of impeachment."

--- End quote ---

Exactly. Also not sure about self pardons.

Weird wrote:
"Also not sure about self pardons"

The president's power of the pardon is absolute, and unchallengeable in any court under the Constitution. Quite literally, "it's in there".

Having said that, regardless, see my post 13 earlier in this thread.

If they can get away with that,their next step will obviously be to "jail" the rest of us. If not in actual jails,in the sense that we will be monitored and controlled in every aspect of our lives,including speech.

But......,none of you rabid Anti-Trump rats need to worry about this. Indeed,you should celebrate it as a personal victory when  it happens.

All you anti-Trumpers should Celebrate your victory!

After all,you will be as responsible for it as the DNC.


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