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DeSantis Isn’t Putting Up With Any of Your Blue City “Soft On Shoplifting” Crap


Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog 4/10/2024

Remember when a whole lot of blue locales legalized shoplifting, either de jure (California) or de facto (a whole bunch of cities that elected Soros-backed prosecutors), and then were shocked, shocked when shoplifting soared?

Tuesday Morning Governor Ron DeSantis signed a retail theft bill into law, instituting a severe crackdown on the Sunshine State’s high levels of shoplifting and porch piracy.

“We’re a law and order state. If you do the crime, you do the time,” DeSantis said. He hosted his press conference at a Walgreens in Stuart, telling Floridians they will no longer have to deal with a “Fort Knox” style situation to simply buy toothpaste.

“It’s all under lock and key for basic items. You gotta get a clerk to come and open it and all this stuff just to do basic shopping. That is not something that is good for quality of life,” he said.

HB 549 makes it a third-degree felony to work with five or more people to commit retail theft. Using social media to plan these thefts would be a second-degree felony, and committing a second offense lands offenders a first-degree felony.

Being soft on crime gets you more crime. This isn’t exactly rocket science. You have to be a Democrat to ignore this most basic of truths.

Texas should look at DeSantis’ crime initiatives, and think about implementing then in places where we’ve fallen behind in keeping people safe, and to keep Soros prosecutors from inflicting higher crime rates on citizens in the name of “reform.”



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