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All billionaires under 30 have inherited their wealth, research finds



Research by Forbes magazine found there were 15 billionaires aged 30 or under but that none had created their own wealth, instead benefitting from huge inheritances.

Among them are Ireland’s Firoz Mistry, 27, and his brother Zahan, 25, who each have an estimated $4.9bn from their stakes in Tata Sons, the parent company of the Indian conglomerate Tate Group, which owns car brands including Jaguar Land Rover. They inherited their 4.6% stakes in the company in 2022 after the death of their father, Cyrus Mistry, who died less than three months after their grandfather Pallonji.

One of the youngest billionaires to have made – rather than inherited – their fortune is Ben Francis, 31, the British founder of athleisure brand Gymshark. His wealth is estimated at $1.3bn.


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Two things: 1, getting rich typically takes a long time. 2, the surest way to get rich quick is, in the words of the late Dick Clark, to "choose your parents wisely."


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