Author Topic: The smart meters scandal is about to explode in our faces  (Read 412 times)

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The smart meters scandal is about to explode in our faces
« on: March 28, 2024, 09:59:09 am »
The smart meters scandal is about to explode in our faces
MARCH 28, 2024
By Paul Homewood

The technology doesn’t work as planned. The numbers don’t add up. And ordinary people may have their lives ruined by a system that barely even recognises they exist. If ITV is looking for a follow-up to it’s hit drama about the Post Office scandal its producers and script writers do not have to look very far. It is playing out in real-time right now. In reality, the smart meter fiasco risks turning into the next Horizon scandal.

Like so many government-backed technologies, it was sold as a way of making the system more efficient, with the added benefit of helping us hit our net zero targets. Smart meters installed in our homes would give us more accurate readings of how much electricity we were using, while the little monitors in the corner might gently nudge us towards consuming a little less (which would be helpful, given that the Government has woefully failed to make sure we have enough power to keep the lights switched on).

What’s not to like about that?
Well, quite a lot as it turns out. According to the latest figures from the Department for Energy, Security and Net Zero, of the 30 million meters installed in British homes, almost four million are not working properly. The estimate was 2.7 million in June last year, but has now been revised dramatically upwards.
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Re: The smart meters scandal is about to explode in our faces
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A resident of Washington state reports:
... "I'm in Washington state. I just ran out and got my mail. And in the mail because I opted out of the smart meter, which they just came in and were putting them on people's houses. They came through my gate, and it came in and started doing it.

I just caught them. And I said, no. Hell no. Take it away, which all my stuff stopped working in my house. And they sent me some kind of tariff that I have to do in order to not be on the smart meter, to keep my old meter.

And so anyways, they sent me a warning today and said that I, if I don't have it on by if I don't have this done by 6th, that they're going to come out and put a smart meter on. I wonder how many of you know, I wonder if the lasers kind of need a smart meter.” ...
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