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You Wake Up in Early 2024 and Donald Trump is Your Last Best (Only) Chance...

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Lando Lincoln:
Thoughtful piece. Thank you. Bookmark.

Thank you for your insight @art.prout


--- Quote from: art.prout on March 24, 2024, 09:08:47 am ---
Sucks that it isn't different.  Sucks that it has to be Trump.  Sucks that it has devolved to this point, and so damn quickly in recent years.  But, it is what it is.  Suck it up and accept that, or don't.


As an aside:
- "Freedom Cities" and a "Baby Bonus" have always been spur of the moment 'brain farts' that spewed out of an undisciplined candidate.  They ain't happening and will never see the light of day again.

--- End quote ---


@art.prout @DCPatriot

First, ultra-kudos for having a sn screenshot of Silent Cal, the greatest American POTUS of the past 200 years.  You did a nice job of capturing the sentiment of many of us, that as badly as we dislike the candidate, we need a speed bump before putting up a better model.  Again, nice job.

And an additional kudo to DCP who apparently now says he is likely now in the "Hold his Nose" Camp.  We are more aligned than different on this one than you think.   :beer:

Thoughtfully laid out @art.prout

But in the end, pointing to them damn dirty Democrats and RINOs


Point to government. Government is the enemy.
The point would be to reduce it's power and therefore its reach.

Then it really wouldn't matter who is in power.

That is not achieved by endorsing big government from the right, which is exactly what Tumpy represents.
In fact, that is gong exactly in the wrong direction. You WILL get more historic spending. You WILL get MORE printed money. Government will increase its reach, maybe more than if Democrats were in power, because the watchdogs on the right will not bark at their own.

This is surely calamity. And I will not help you do it.

My reasoning wrt Tumpy comes right out of his record and remarks.
He is no Conservative, as his history plainly attests.
He is no messiah.
He will fix nothing, just like last time
And he will do more damage.

That is what you are voting *FOR*

Bookmark and bump.  :bkmk:


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